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Students for a Greener Berkeley have plenty of opportunities to get involved.  Two of our current projects are listed below, but follow the link above  for detailed information on all of our projects.

Re-Use of Paper:

Take a look in your paper recycling bin (or your garbage can, for that matter).  Chances are you've got paper with a clean useable side in there.  One of the biggest impacts we can have is by REDUCING the amount of paper we use.  Besides double siding, N-up printing, decreasing margin width, and single spacing, we can save paper by RE-USING existing paper.  It sounds simple, but there is NO FORMAL way to do so.  We intend to come up with a standard method to collect and re-use paper.  This will involve a major change in mentality, thereby requiring an excellent educational campaign.

To find out more see our OSC page

Purchasing Paper Products:

The UCOP Fiscal Year 2002-2003 report lists UC Berkeley dead last among all of the UC campuses in terms of buying recycled content paper. Only 9% of paper purchased at UC Berkeley had recycled content, compared to 37% UC wide, and 75% at UC Davis!

We have been meeting with campus officials to get this changed. We aim to follow the lead of a few other universities which have mandated purchasing of 100% post-consumer recycled content office paper on their campuses, and we will work to have all paper products used at Berkeley contain recycled content paper.

In late June 2006, the campus Administration as well as UC Printing have adopted a policy to use at least 30% recycled content paper. The University has also negotiated and reached a deal with the University's preferred office supply vendor, OfficeMax, to reduce the cost of 30% recycled content paper to be within 2% of virgin paper. This is a big step forward, and we are continuing our persuasion of the University towards greener products.

To learn more about what we're doing, see our projects page.

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Welcome to Students for a Greener Berkeley!

Are you wondering who we are, what we do, what purposes SGB serves? Check our About Us page.

News Update and Announcement:

  • Can your seasonal gifts make a difference to the environment? eTrees are similar to e-cards, but unlike e-cards, they are fun online gifts that recipients can display year-round on an online island at as well as on their social network profiles and blogs. For every eTree purchased, mokugift plants a tree in the real world. It is a great way to sending holiday cheer and have a sustainable environmental impact on the planet. is offering SGB members free eTrees.
  • SGB is awarded the 2006 Sustainability Student Group Award!! The Sustainability Awards are to recognize contributions by four different groups (student group, faculty and leadership, staff, and mixed student/staff/faculty) to each of the CACS goals: engage the campus in an ongoing dialogue about reaching environmental sustainability, integrate environmental sustainability with existing campus programs, and instill a culture of sustainable long-range planning and forward-thinking design. Awardees are selected by CACS members in each of the categories. Congratulations to SGB and thanks everyone for all the great work contributed!! Click here to see a photo of the award.

  • New OSC bins are available!! If you want to participate in our pilot program and have a bin in your area, please contact us. Have questions about our OSC/Paper Re-use program? See our OSC page

Upcoming Events:

  • We will have our first meeting this semester on January 29th (Thursday) at 7:30pm, in the Energy and Resources Group (ERG) Reading Room on the 3rd floor of Barrows (Rm. 387). Faculty, staff and students are all welcomed.

If you are interested in the club and would like to take part, feel free to contact any one of us.  

Executive members:
Gabriel Harley Becca Jones
Ashley Murray Scott Blitch
Claudia Pingatore
Becca Ryals
Weilun Chao

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Meeting Schedule:

Spring 09 Meetings: 1/29 at 7:30pm
Location: Energy and Resources Group (ERG) Reading Room (Rm 387) in Barrows

Executive Committee Meetings: TBA
Location: TBA

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