ALL NEW One Side Clean (OSC) BINS!!!

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Students for a Greener Berkeley have developed a new set of bins designed to re-use paper with a one clean side to it (OSC paper). See below for different styles!

Multi-User Setting

Small Office Setting


Individual User


wall mounted:
wall mount

The pilot study has begun! June 1, 2005. We still need volunteers to use our bins!

Thank you to all who have volunteered to help get the pilot off the ground by hosting and/or monitoring a bin.

OSC Bin Project Internship: SGB was recently awarded internship funding from the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability Charter (CACS) for OSC bin paper-reuse project. So far almost 100 OSC bins have been distributed across the campus. This internship is to help assess their current success and overall impact at UC Berkeley, and evaluate potential for impact on a larger scale. Details of this internship can be found on this flyer. Any questions can be directed to Gabe.

What are OSC bins?

OSC stands for One Side Clean, and OSC bins collect paper that have been printed on one side, but still has a useable side.

Take a look in your paper recycling bin (or your garbage can, for that matter).  Chances are you've got paper with a clean useable side in there.  One of the biggest impacts we can have is by REDUCING the amount of paper we use.  Besides double siding, N-up printing, decreasing margin width, and single spacing, we can save paper by RE-USING existing paper.  It sounds simple, but there is NO FORMAL way to do so. 

We have developed a set of bins that are designed to facilitate the collection and storage of paper with one clean side to it (OSC paper ).

We are conducting a one year pilot study, beginning June 1, 2005, and evaluations at the end of the summer, fall, and spring semesters. Bins are being distributed to different areas of campus, and the use of the bins will be monitored. Where possible, we are also monitoring purchasing trends. we need help collecting information on the use of the bins, designing posters for education and publicity, and critiquing the bin design. The overall goal is to collect enough information and put together a grant request that would enable this project to go UC system wide, and further.

Funding for this project comes from the Graduate Assembly. Support and guidance comes from the folks at Re-Use.



If you are interested in this project and would like more information, feel free to contact Gabe Harley

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So far we've installed bins for our pilot run in the following locations:

Public Health Library (Copy Room and Staff Office)

Education and Psychology Library (Copy Machines)

Engineering Library (Copy Machines and Staff Office)

Hearst Mining Building (Grad Student Offices and Admin Office)

Soda Hall (Print Room 274)

O'Brien Hall (Grad Student Offices)

Giannini (Grad Offfice)

LSA (Grad Office)

Cory Hall (Computer Lab)

Moffitt Library (Upper Copiers)

Doe Library (Upper Print Station)

Statistics (Computer Lab)


Photo Courtesy of Judith Foster

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